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How to go Full-Time in Real Estate Investing and Own Your Freedom


Sam Primm, multi-millionaire real estate investor, built this training to show YOU the power of real estate and OPM

Tired of the Traditional 9-5?

  • Being told what to do

  • Illusion of security (you could always lose your job)

  • Not having control of your time

  • Making someone else rich

Why do some people feel stuck in their job and others dominate the business world??

🤫The Secret: having the right knowledge and relationships.

In the FasterFreedom Community you'll have access to hundreds of people... just like you... who are leveraging the same systems, processes, and relationships we use in our business to pursue a life of financial freedom on their own terms.

Access the systems & tools we use to buy 300+ houses per year

Systems & Support Include:

  • 400+ video training portal powered by A.I. including: Finding Deals, Analyzing Deals, Rehabbing, Funding, Tenant Management, Tax Benefits, Scaling, Mid-Term Rentals, Remote Investing & more...

  • Real World Investor Tools

  • 30-Day Massive Action Plan

  • Exclusive Funding Partner with 100% Financing Option Available

  • 8 Weekly Group Coaching Calls w/Sam & FF Team

  • Access to Weekly 1:1 Coaching

  • Private FasterFreedom Community Network

This is the first step towards a high-value relationship.

On the call, my team will make sure we're the right fit for you.

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